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#3 -- I'll call it "After a good dinner party"

I decided to challenge myself a little this time by using more than one subject (that and I re-read Mark's tutorial and it said you really should have at least 3 items to get the most out of his teaching).  Thank God I watched a video where Mark said stuff will look like crap but just hang in there until you get all the paint on the canvas, because when I was doing the goblet I felt the only way to save it was to burn the canvas.

Couple of things:  

1.  I'm toying with adding a red wine spill to round out the "drunken" nature of the painting. 
2.  The shadow below the tablecloth looks too dark to me, but I did check the value with my color checker and it seemed right (although it's possible I'm just inept).
 In any event, I'd be grateful for suggestions to improve what I've done so far.  For some reason I didn't shoot the photo from quite as high as I've been sitting while painting, so it looks a little different (mostly the shadows).



  • great job so far on the glass
  • Great work so far.

    That wine bottle shape may need some attention, but your drawing looks good except for the missing curve of the wine label.  I'm seeing some distortion, but I don't know what I'm seeing, perhaps it is the very wide angle of the photo.

    The shadow of the cloth is not right in my opinion, but the photograph doesn't really show us your setup, it cuts off at the edge of the shadow.

    If you feel like adding a wine spill, I recommend making a real spill and copying that.  That's something I would make a real pig's ear of if I tried to imagine that.
  • Great job so far! Definitely need a spill!
  • Really good job! If you work on the things Kingston pointed out, it will become excellent...
  • edited November 2017
    Looks good, @steve . If you do the things @Kingston mentioned it will look even better. If you want to paint a wine stain I suggest pouring a few drops on an old bit of white cotton fabric and use that as a model. Unless you're really good at painting stuff from imagination.
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