Hi Everyone! -- from the Land Down Under

Hi all, I'm Moey, living in Perth Western Australia.  I'm new to oil painting, in fact working on only my third oil painting at present.  I began dabbling with watercolour in 2015, sold several paintings, but with six children, two PT jobs and a uni degree underway, it is very slow going and requires a lot of juggling and time-hoarding to accomplish anything at all.  I was really pleased to be introduced to this DMP method which has made the process of oil painting understandable,quick, and accurate.  I have only worked from photos so far but would dearly love to get good enough (quickly, mind you) to be able to use this method in plein air or life paintings on site.  I would love any tips on getting to that level.

I am attaching a photo of my first oil painting, which is of my youngest daughter who presented me with this lovely gift of a dandelion, pulled out by the roots, in the back yard.  

This little painting is 30x40 cm on MDF oil-primed board, which was really difficult to work on (as I'm completing my third now on the same kind of board, and hoping to move onto canvas with the next painting).  I will always welcome any advice and tips, critiques, etc.

Thanks all, this is a great forum!

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