Rookie question

Am I correct to assume that for each color group I mix I should start with black and then go up step by step?


  • steve

    Yes! Correct. Except for flesh tints, best start with burnt umber.


  • According to what I heard Mark say in some video, no.  A color group ranges from the darkest color to the lightest color within that group.  This may or may not include black.
  • I put black at the bottom below the darkest color in the group because I may need to darken one of the colors as I go but my black is a mixture of burnt Umber and French ultramarine blue.
  • Another super rookie question, I'm a bit confused because some videos show Mark's palette with only Twhite and the primary colors, then in other videos Mark picks the colors in the painting he's going to do, then starting with the darkest shades, he'll have up to a dozen dark to light variations of each. They are all lined up bottom to top according to value..He must mix them somewhere else and just deposit the blobs...all before he begins the actual painting.
    I guess I thought the idea was to mix as you go. He must be spending a few hours mixing all the colors he see in the subject before he actually starts painting. Is there a video that explains how he prepares a palette before he begins laying the colors down on canvas?

  • You need to revisit Mark's color mixing video in the course
    This is how you go through the process of choosing color groups and mixing the steps (individual values of a color group) in subsequent videos he doesn't show this process as he does it before hand but the process has been done and all from the basic palette of red, yellow, blue, burnt umber and white. the steps determine the value and are adjusted for color as you paint. the part he doesn't show is leaving more room between steps because we amateurs need lots of mixing space for adjusting the colors from the value steps. He's a pro and doesn't need it. Follow along and soon you won't need it either.
  • Don't be confused by the other color mixing videos this is the one to concentrate on right now.
  • At the beginning of another video about mixing paints he tells you to watch this one first.
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