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Color checker and mirror

How to use a color checker while using a mirror for self-portrait any ideas?  


  • Immediately, a solution from the sci-fi realm appears to me but that wouldn't be of any use to you at all.  @Julianna has had success with doing a self-portrait using a mirror.  Maybe she will see this post.  :)
  • hahaha   you are too kind - I absolutely love painting self portraits in the mirror now thanks to that challenge. I am even starting on another one.   It is one of the strangest and most fun exercises - looking at yourself in a mirror and all the nuances and millimeter shifts of a head move throw everything off.  As far as color checking, I mainly use my brush and hold it up to the mirror while I squint.  I do love my color checker for still life's but somehow, the excitement and energy of trying to get a rendering from a mirror makes me feel time pressure like en plein air somewhat.  I have already given @Kschaben tidbits - the lipstick dots on my face and on the mirror helped me the most.  @Kschaben is probably best suited following advice of some of the experienced portrait artists here.  I just have fun and thoroughly enjoy it.  I hope she does too.
  • @Julianna, so you did not use the color checker either. Yes I did mark the mirror for placement as you suggested. Thanks
  • well, my brush with paint on it was my color checker - but honestly, there are a thousand colors in the face - the more you look, the more you see.  I have my DMP color checker that I use for still lifes.  I don't have time to swab and check and wipe it clean - time is precious when you are painting yourself in the mirror.  and each day, you'll look different (slightly).  
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