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Toning questions and sticky paint question

A few questions:
1. When toning oil-primed linen canvas, should you use only use oil paint and not acrylic? 

2. When toning acrylic gessoed cotton canvas, should you only use acrylic paint?

3. If we are always painting on primed (oil or acrylic) surfaces that are also toned (oil or acrylic), does linen versus cotton really make much of a difference? You're actually painting somewhat on top of the priming and toning, right, so isn't priming/toning paint type just as importance a distinction between linen and cotton? 

3. I got a bad batch of paint - too thick, hard to even get out of tube. Geneva is kindly sending out replacements but in the meantime I tried to add linseed oil to improve flow, which seemed to help at first but ultimately the paint just ended up a sticky mess and I put it away in a drawer. Any way to salvage it? Oil of cloves, maybe?



  • davidegp

    1. Oil over acrylic is fine. Acrylic over oil is not.
    2. Either oil or acrylic can be used for toning.
    3. Linen is a finer, tighter weave with fewer loose fibres, Linen is a smother surface accepting finer detail. The weave of the fabric will show through linen and cotton. The more gesso the less surface texture.
    4. Try some solvent to thin the paint. Odd that they should start to set up in the tube. Were there large air pockets in the tube? Oil of cloves will just retard future drying rates.


  • Thanks, Denis. No, there weren't large air pockets in the paint that I could tell. It was just very thick.
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