Canvas staining

I again, looked at Marks video on staining canvas.  
It looks as though he stains a raw canvas and uses the foundation as the gesso?
Is this correct or does he gesso the canvas first?
Do you get the same tooth with just a stain as you would with gesso?
Does the foundation white that he uses act as a gesso?


  • I think you have to finish the canvas first with gesso or what they taught in the early 70's, white lead.
    If you put oil paint on raw canvas it will rot.
  • he uses pre-primed canvas. oil primed i believe... so he doesn't actually prime them himself he just adds the stain to get the colour he likes painting on
  • I bought raw linen yesterday and I am gonna prime it with an oil priming from Maimeri. About the traditional method one can use few coat of animal glue and then a mixture of glue, gesso (French chalk) and an oil paint. I read an article and found Turner used also a whole egg with lead white. I think there are many methods and in the past was more an alchemy, it is difficult to find the good proportion of oil in the home made priming. One method is to put few drops of water and it should be absorbed from 5 to 10 mins. Above it is too much oily. But if you use prepared materials u shouldn't have this problems..
  • ah I forgot about staining if u make yours u can put a coloured paint inside and have a nice muted colour..easier to cover with the background.
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