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Fat over lean - not just for paintings

While refinishing a wood floor, I put masking tape around the room to keep the varnish off the wall.  Pulling off the tape caused this to occur everywhere.

Someone had painted latex paint (acrylic - lean) over some old oil-based (fat) paint, which is also notorious for this problem.


  • The best way, I have found, to pull tape off of a wall if you're concerned about the paint, is to heat the tape with a hair dryer as you slowly pull it off. It loosens the adhesive and works really well. This will also work on that pesky price sticker on your paperback book that doesn't ever seem to want to come off in one piece.
  • There is also a product called "painter's tape", I most often get it in blue or a green roll. And not a good idea to leave the masking tape up for longer than the recommended time, after 7/8 days, otherwise very difficult to remove and causing damage.
  • Forgiveness

    As discussed elsewhere here a heat gun or hairdryer will soften the adhesive to allow easy removal.


  • You are a painter!!!! Cut in byhand. We don't need no stinking tape😎
  • You are a painter!!!! Cut in byhand. We don't need no stinking tape😎
    I put the tape on at the request of the floor finishing crew.  Then I waited a week to pull it off.  Because I kept off the floor for days, also as requested.  It's all my fault for not getting low-adhesion tape.
  • The secret to masking tape is to remove it as soon as the paint on it is dry.
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