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Weird/funny suggestions for painting subjects

Ever since I've started painting, and sharing it with my friends and relatives, of whom very few are into any type of drawing/painting related stuff, I feel proud to have triggered interest in many. Not that everyone has taken up painting, but yes they do think about taking up brushes, ask about where I have learnt, what products I use, the cost etc. I try to give in all information, with my best to not overwhelm them and scare them away. Others are inspired to take up their hobbies more seriously.

And there are the third, whose imaginations run wild about what subjects need painting. My very sweet and funny father-in-law, gave me an idea of painting the screen of us video chatting, with him, mom and family members in one box of the screen and us on the other =) .  I thought he was joking until he asked me at another session, of what happened to the nice idea he had given me :# . My husband, says the painting of this photo (attachment), is the last and only thing he would ever ask of me, done in a 16x20. Its his favourite sweet dish, i prepared once. I should acknowledge that some do give me very good suggestions.

Did you guys have any such stories, or is it only me, in which case I am going to remove this discussion, right away, as its too off-topic.



  • PaulBPaulB mod
    edited September 2017
    I've been asked if I can place family members into scenes, and I said no.  I mean it could certainly be done by someone with skill, but not me.

    To clarify: a group photo, with 10 faces, many hands, and "please add Bob to the end".  Yikes.
  • Good topic, after all we are talking about commissions here right,
    my Wife is Chinese and she always asks for bowls of Noodles, my family is from Liverpool as is me, and they always ask for football (soccer) scenes and ships,...Ships I have done, but not in Oils....

  • @anwesha I think that your husband's request for a painting of something you prepared for him to eat is a good one.  By way of example, here is a picture file of my husband's favorite foods that I've been keeping for many years.  I'll post them all as a group but just one by way of example of how wonderful it would be to mix these colors.  Hmm.  Summer

  • @Summer : looks delicious and tempting  :p
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited September 2017
    Meals set up on a table whether untouched, half-eaten or gone has been a staple (pun intended) for still-life painters for centuries. Add a goblet and a candle stick and voila!. But ships are a great subject too. I mean of course those ships that exist only in art now because they are no more the sailing ships. In their day they were a culmination of engineering, art and courage. What is more deserving to be immortalized? (other than your family)
  • BOB73 said:
    Meals set up on a table whether untouched, half-eaten or gone has been a staple (pun intended) for still-life painters for centuries. Add a goblet and a candle stick and voila!
    You bring up a good point.  Those types of foods and beverages painted for centuries are not available to me in my kitchen.  I appreciate a record of them has been kept in paintings over the centuries so that I can see the difference though.  Summer 
  • If someone close is really serious about a subject to be painted then it obviously deserves a thought. Think about how creative you can be. 
  • I left the scones in to show that I'm not a purist!  Scones and coffee, WOW!  :)
  • edited September 2017
    Your story above reminds me of my own since I was a child artist I have inspired many peoples in quite similar ways, I have always been a leader in this way. Until I came along into my family there were no other artists at all for 250 years of history in my family. With this site and what I have been learning here I continue to inspire others as I am inspired. Many of these peoples have also found a sense of peace and salvation for themselves in it all and have come to depend on it.
  • @Flatty : nice colors too... i see a minion, like in the movie :-) 
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