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Linen, Cotton, Linen-cotton blend, other blends?

Has anyone tried any of the blend alternatives to 100% cotton or linen? I am considering trying a cotton linen blend as I found some on sale ;)

Has anyone tried one of the different weaves - for example, the herringbone linen weave?

Just curious  - thanks!!


  • Get some samples, paint them and see if they have tooth, show glare. My uncle painted on unbleached muslin and it worked for him but he wasn't a pro.
  • I've also found some burlap-cotton blends which are VERY inexpensive, probably a tad rough, but I would think the burp would compensate for the over-softness of the cotton. We shall see. ;)

    I have found don't particularly like cotton - except the cotton that a friend stretched for me himself. But, I haven't tried the various weights.  I LOVE fine & extra fine linen $$$$  We stretched some Irish linen, and while it's nice and worked, it really doesn't have the body/weight/density that I think we need for proper canvases. Worked well rabbit-glued to board.

    Will keep experimenting ;)
  • This forum is becoming an encyclopedia for supports. @dencal and @Summer and @Kaustav have done a lot of experimenting too. Have you emailed Jerry's Artarama with these questions. They seem to have a lot of in-house expertise with these things and if you give them specifics they can give you specific answers. Gamblin and Windsor-Newton answer these kinds of questions too. I used to think the customer reviews at Amazon were helpful then I found out that reviews are grouped to a brand and not specific to different types of the materials offered by that brand. When all is said and done you learn more from your own experimentation than anything else so if you have the coins, that's the way to go.
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