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I am 44 years old. I started painting about  2 years ago while I was working in the UK. I resigned from my job as a biomedical scientist last year to look after my elderly mother in the north of Thailand. I had not been painting actively until recently. I have done less than 20 paintings so far. One technique that I use is Mark Carder's colour checking. I can not see any other techniques that can give accurate colour and tone. 
I am trying to push my painting to another level from just a hobby. I know it is a long way off. Am I too ambitious? I have uploaded my most recent paintings for you all to see. Positive and negative comments and advises are welcomed. I hope to upload more paintings in near future.

Best wishes and thank you.


Mangosteens : Oil on canvas 16" x 16"

Young and age ( Zinnia elegans) : Oil on vanvas 16"x 20"

Dragon fruits : Oil on canvas 16" x 16"

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    Welcome and hello.

    Just perfect.


  • Thank you again for having me here. Great forum!

  • These paintings are wonderful.  Welcome.
  • Great paintings, @Jack2015. Welcome to the forum. :)

    All three paintings are very good but the mangosteens is my favorite. I used to eat them a lot when I lived in Thailand. You obviously already have a high level of  skill so you should excel using Mark's method.
  • Thanks @tassieguy. I have gone through many of Mark's videos. They are priceless and great help to my paintings. He's a nice man.
  • very nice paintings! Welcome!
  • dragonfruit- miam! very good rendering!
  • Welcome.  These are simply wonderful.  And, you have a style of painting that never needs to change.  You only need to keep painting whatever it is that intrigues you.  Congratulations.  This is so rare to see. 
  • Welcome to the forum @Jack2015, these paintings are very well done. The highlights are expertly subdued. Your color choices are terrific (you must love that blue), your values and realism are beautiful and your compositions are quite good. I'm going to wait and see if somebody thinks the shadows could be deeper. I don't have good eyes for shadows and can't tell if that would improve things. Well, there's no improving perfection.
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    I just wanted to add that though similar paintings exist, because you have painted yours with the least amount of highlights, and an unusually soft to sight finish, and done so successfully, those two things in particular are what makes your painting style unique.  :)
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    Thank you all for such nice comments! @Summer, you are right practicing is the ultimate key to perfection. As my skill taking shape, I wondering about my own style. I am getting to see it clearer now. Time will tell, I hope. @BOB73. Your comment is another kind that I'm looking for. I use natural light from a window. I get some reflected light from the right side wall as well. They make the lighting appears very soft. Which is quite pleasing to my naked eyes. By practicing, I hope my highlights and shadows that I will concentrate on will be improved in my next paintings.
  • Howdy Jack, or Sawadee Krup!  You say you are in northern Thailand, would that happen to be in Chiang Mai?  Was curious how it is getting all the supplies you need for dmp in Northern Thailand.  
  • @Willis Sawadee krub. I live in the south end of Lamphun (should be spelt Lampoon really). Around 100 km away from CM. I only have some usual supplies for oil painting that I shipped from UK last year. I don't have a colour checker. I used to check value using tip of a pallet knife but now I'm getting lazier, I simply check value directly from my brush. It seems to work ok for me. I'm not suggesting this to others though. The specially made devices should be more accurate.
  • Hey Jack if you ever run out of supplies or try to pre mix non Geneva paints I would love to hear about how that went over in Thailand.  I would be interested to now what kind of art supplies you can get outside of Bangkok.   I lived there around 15 years ago and have always wanted to go back for a extended stay. 
  • These are amazing!  I love the dragon fruit painting especially.  My least favorite is the vase of flowers and I'm trying to figure out why in order to provide some suggestions.  I think because in that painting the colors feel too same same in terms of tone -- not as much depth as the other paintings.  In looking back on the other critiques it may be the shadow/highlight issue that was raised.  Since we cant see what you were looking at nor a reference photo I cannot be more specific.  I hope this is helpful.  Welcome!!!
  • My least favorite is the vase of flowers and I'm trying to figure out why in order to provide some suggestions.
    I've been thinking about this too.  I think (not sure) it's because I perceive the flowers, leaves and stems to be lit by different, brighter light than the background, and here are few shadows un the underside of the flowers at the back.
  • @Willis You can always buy from internet. This is the shop I use. 


    Too bad they only have Thai language. You can call them directly or send them an email for inquiry. They are quite helpful. It depends where you are going to be. I'm pretty sure they have everything you need in Chiang mai  as they have art faculty in the uni for instance.

  • @Bancroft414 @PaulB I wasn't happy with the realisticness of the flowers either. It's very hard to get the values right.  There are few things that I've learned from painting this one. I hope I have improved on my later paintings.
  • Welcome Manus, I think you are doing great! Keep on painting, you've got it!

  • I think they're all wonderful paintings.  I wonder if the Zinnia painting had the lighter blue background we would have a more positive feel? Other than that I love everything about it.
  • I think they are all beautiful.
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