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First still lifes

RenoirRenoir -
edited August 2017 in Post Your Paintings
I actually did these over a month ago just when I found Mark Carder's online videos, so they were my very first trying to 'follow' the Carder style.

I painted the grapefruit first and then the teapot. I thought very little of these paintings until chatting with my husband last night and he told me the teapot was his favorite so far. 

Upon taking photos I realize I have an odd yellow on the top of the lid. And I struggled with drawing the handle and creating a three dimensional look with proper depth, and while the drawing of the lid was correct, the painting of it is not. I've found that to happen. 

I'd be curious to receive feedback, especially if any of you see 'habits' I may be using and need to correct. The grapefruit I did after only watching one or two of his videos, so I did not realize I should have pre-stained the canvas. 

I will say, it is far easier to create depth when you are using one 'color' for the entire painting :-)

edited to add: I did not remember that I had posted the first 'grapefruit' still life already so I removed it from this post. I have some mild memory issues so if I repeat things or ask a question again, that is why. apologies in advance. 



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