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My drawing shattered please help

This shattered what do I do ;D



  • Lol you have really special talent and style, I'm really enjoying seeing your various drawings and paintings :) 

    Have you ever ever considered following the DMP method for 5-10 paintings and then returning to doing things your own way? I think the experience and focused effort on mixing accurate and natural colors could really help can only make you better! :) 
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited July 2017
    Turn down the volume on your MTV channel. The sketch is quite good and would be better if the drawing board wasn't vibrating from the noise.
  • @edavison I'm starting a oil painting today isa. I'll hopefully post when done. I'll tag you dou
  • Your drawings and paintings will gain a new level of authenticity if you draw and paint from life for a while.  Even though still life and in person life drawing can be tedious, there is no substitute for that sort of practice.  Once you improve your ability to see you can apply what you learn doing those exercises to drawing/painting pretty anything, but it really does take a lot of practice.
  • Thanks, I look forward to it! @Eesaa
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