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What doesn't work.

I've had my wee studio in our upstairs sun room for a bit now and, although I like the feel of it, it really hasn't worked for me. Mark has identified every element in my studio that makes my painting time difficult. I'm excited to rearrange and put up a dark backdrop behind me. May have to abandon my little seating area, although it's my favourite place to daydream. Please don't judge my messy space.. it's usually very clean and organized!  B)


  • Barbara

    Lovely sunroom, would be good studio at night. Who needs sleep anyway.
    ' Fraid your going to have to do a bit more than a backdrop.


  • It's a very nice sunroom and studio but impossible to get rid of all the glare. Some people can work around the glare and compensate as necessary. If you are that type, I wouldn't change anything.
  • Looks like there are roller blinds on all the windows, so maybe have them all drawn and daylight light bulbs?
  • Thank for the comments, friends. I'm thinking if I turn around the easel so my back is to the wall, and hang a black curtain against the wall, that might help. It's funny, listening to Mark talk about what not to do when setting up a studio.. is basically describing my setup! And now I recognize the many ways I make life more difficult that it needs to be. I'm really excited to revamp the space, and work smarter! 
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