Okay, I've read everything I can get my eyes on and ordered several bottles of mediums. I am working toward going all Carder method but need to use what I have for now. Will a few of you experienced painters please share what you use for the following?
1. Brush dip (for after you've wiped brushes and they are mostly clean)
2. Medium to thin paints and slow drying time
3. Medium to thin and speed drying time 
4. What you use to clean up your space, counter top, pochade box, easel?

Excuse me if my questions reflect my inexperience. I've done about 6 small paintings. I end up making a HUGE mess every time I paint and I'm trying to get organized and have a streamlined system. 

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your advice and expertise.


  • I use water mixable oils so its a bit different.  You can clean with soap and water.  They also dry quicker than normal oils so I really don't worry about fast drying medium (although they do have it).  Otherwise they have linseed oil made for it.  As far as brands, I am using Windsor Newton.  I really don't like that brand for the water mixable paint because it is too thick.  I hear Cobra makes a really good water mixable which I will switch to.

    As far as my easel, I scrape it (its made of glass).  I don't clean it beyond that.  Brushes I do clean periodically.  I know 
  • Thanks @JeffAllen
    I just ordered water mixable paints for a plain air workshop and I did order the cobra medium. I think it will make things simpler for me while traveling!
  • I'm a Carderite and found the items on his supply list to work well for me. @Flatty and I agree slow is better so I don't use anything to speed drying time. Any spills that can't be wiped or scraped I douse with a little alcohol then a spot cleaner for carpet and hot water. the carpet spot cleaner is like Oxyclean.
  • I know a lot of painters that use some mix of Gamsol/turp. and linseed oil. (Or Alkyd, if you like the dry time and texture.) Thats just speaking generally, as youve already got some solid feedback here.

    1.) Kerosene (ventilated)
    2.) 2:1 Kerosene/Walnut oil medium.
    3.)  2:1 Alkyd/OMS
    4.) Again, Kerosene/OMS :smile:
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