Color and light

I know that Mark advises artists to buy light bulbs that give off natural light but I'm wondering why that makes a difference when trying to match colors. If the color of a photo that I'm trying to match is affected by yellowish light from a lightbulb then it seems like the paint I'm mixing would also be affected in the same way. As long as both the photo and the paint are under the same light then it shouldn't matter since both are affected the same, right?


  • Thanks for response. I think you just saved me from making a big mistake! I appreciate it!
  • I think best case scenario is you use a bulb that provides natural light.  If you don't have that for whatever reason then second best scenario is to make sure the light (regardless of color spectrum) stays consistent.  I think when you first start out consistent good light is important so that you don't add an unnecessary variable.  Once you get more experienced and depending on your goals it may not matter quite so much.  If you are really into copying things and that is all you plan on doing then consistent light is a bigger deal as well.
  • Thanks for the response! This is all making a lot more sense to me now. 
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