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Taking myself seriously is hard enough.... but family is ***?

Taking  myself seriously is hard enough ... I cannot even think of a good "introduction" to post ...
Then, this:
I want to try the DMP method with a still life (from life) and was collecting "stuff and things" and placing them on my make-shift surface. 
Along comes on to-be family member -- who says that have painted -- and totally removes the drapery cloth and (fake) flowers to get at something she could have bent over & retrieved.
I discovered that the next morning & I was p.o.'ed.  After I spent the time (again) back & forth to set it up again ... along comes my husband and picks up the (fake) flowers & straightens out all the stems as he is talking about bringing the to my father's grave.  Now, I knew that is what I bought them for ....  Then he walks away & picks up the not-charming purple dusters, asking can't you make something out of these?
I really was shocked.
(I forgot about polishing that stupid silverplate pitcher the first day, hurting my RA wrists....)
Now he has referred to my painting time as "arts & crafts" although he will brag to people about his John Wayne portrait.  My daughter agreed about the "arts & crafts time" dig although she brags about her Johnny Depp portrait and asked me to paint this guy below as a gift for her best friend on their hs graduation.
My mother says you painted that? (really?) and just the day before the still-life debacle said as I was leaving her house, "oh, I am so glad that you have this hobby.." (really?)

I should be used to this by now.  However, I am not.  I dismantled my attempt to assemble a still life set-up; I could not stand the thought of anyone disrespecting me enough to move things around I might have started.  
Do you know no one said anything to me about the still life being missing?

It is very difficult to find inspiration or even paint worth a d* right now.

PS:  Sorry about the poor quality of these photos ... I thought I had better examples on this computer, nope... must be on old reliable & google photos.  I hate this time-consuming digital conversion crap. 



  • Thank for listening to me kvetch ...

  • AbbyTheArtist

    Nice work.

    I admire your patience. Put a sign on your still life and wear a sidearm.


    [Deleted User]BOB73ForgivenessWeatherford
  • I feel for ya! There's not much worse than not being appreciated for taking a serious interest in something.
  • People get jealous when you are actually doing.. it gets trivialized. Stick up for yourself and protect your space. 

  • I think it depends on how long you have been painting seriously.  If you just started in the last year or so, then I wouldn't judge them for not talking you seriously.  Also most people won't look at it as anything other than a hobby unless it is your primary source of income and it is a viable source of income.  Not saying this is right or wrong but I think that is how most people view it.

    As far as the still life stuff you talked about, well, that is just plain rude, regardless if painting is a hobby or a profession for you.  I suspect if they do things like that then they lack respect for you in other ways which means they suck.  For me if a family member treated me that way i would have a talk with them.  If the treatment continued I would ditch them because life is too short to deal with people that treat you poorly.  I don't care if they are family members or not.
  • I feel for you.  My husband hasn't ever taken my painting seriously.  He didn't even want any of them hung on the wall.  Now after over 40 years he is more agreeable.  You have to be firm and no nonsense about your "calling" so to  speak.    As long as they don't eat the husband use to do that.  He didn't even recognize a still life set-up.  Hang in there.  Set-up the still life again and tell everyone to leave it alone!!  Please don't give up on painting.  It's good for your soul.
  • @tassieguy maybe you could lend her your triceratops. Actually that kind of vulnerability of still lifes is one reason I never did much painting - I had no place to set up and leave a "studio".
  • Again, I remember how lucky I am to live alone!!

    Sounds like you need two weeks in Ireland to paint - maybe (when the studio get finished) we could work something out?! ;) No one to bother you here!!! 
  • Lock your studio, and don't allow anyone in until the painting is finished!  :)
  • Your work is beautiful!
  • People don't like to see other people actually doing things so often they put it down, dis, dig, criticize. They are usually not working improve themselves in any area or theyvwouls understand & be supportive of someone else their endeavors. Anything said that is  not uplifting is a reflection more on them than you. 

    BOUNDARIES.   You must establish them. Taking your still life down while I understand it, is a complete cave & you let them run you over. 

    People close to uiu want you to stay the same, no one really likes change.  Even though they might love you the darker sides of humanity can cause them to be afraid and therefore make digs at your new endeavors.   Set goals and boundaries.  Find your own space and guard it.  Make it crystal clear no one is to touch it.  My 26 year old son is experiencing this. Family members who love him trying to caution him on some of his real estate dreams. I told him people don't like to see others close to them getting ahead. It makes them feel bad and sometimes are honestly worried they might be doing too much.  However it takes guts to go out there and take action on your dreams.  Once you have succeeded though they will be proud of you and want to brag that they know you. 

    Theres a good book called Boundaries by Townsend &Cloud.  Don't let anyone keep you from your dreams. Not many people will understand if this means more than a hobby to you. I have gone through that so many times. 

    I recetky koved to another mother city and a very good friend (frienemy) said are you going to get a job there?   i said  I already have a job. I paint portraits.   She doesn't understand how to make money other than her corporate job.  I don't care anymore but it used to drive me crazy. 

    My ex husband never went to my website. Part of the reason he's an ex he was not supportive 

    You need to be around other artists and entrepreneurs who understand. Also check out Christy Wrights Business Boutique & Academy it's geared toward women succeeding in hobbies and business 
  • I feel for you, @AbbyTheArtist. Do what you need to in order to continue your passion. We're rooting for you!!
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