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Copying masters - Ilya Repin’s portrait of poet Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin (1884)

edited July 2017 in Post Your Paintings
    Hi All,I was mesmerized by the great artist ilya repin's work and specifically this painting of his(because of it's background story) when I read about it in one of Mark's discussion,so tried my best to recreate it.Link to Mark's discussion :
    I learned a lot of by doing this exercise, mainly:
1.There are a lot of subtle steps in the Painting, sometimes it's very difficult to identify one step from another in the adjacent colors.
2.I am still not able to judge the colors without putting it on a photograph,I mean there was no way I could imagine that the color on the right side of the face is shade of olive green(same happens for shadow colors also).
3.The skin had two different main color groups for steps,one was more greenish while other was pinkish.
4.Ilya's painting is smoother as compared to the paintings of other masters like Sargent,he has also used more details like some hair suggestions in beard,while Sargent's would have been one single big bold stroke.
5.The things which I had thought to have a single or very less steps were actually having more steps than I had imagined(like eyes and forhead)

   Overall it was a very great exercise and I tried my best,it's no where close to the original masterpiece.After doing this my respect for these masters have increased even more.I could only imagine how were they able to identify and mix such perfect colors and values when there were no lights or photographs,that too with limited time with their sitters....Hats off!
    Please post your views and suggestions about it.Thank You :)


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