wrinkling of cotton canvas

I stretch primed cotton canvas on 2ins x 1.5 ins stretchers, no keys, approx; 1.5 metre x 1 metre.  The problem is when I move the painting to a more humid environment, ie, an area with underfloor heating the canvas warps.
I have tried spraying the back with water and it returns to it's original taut position. However, when I move it to a more humid location the warping re occurs. How can I fix this.?


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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Both the timber stretchers and the canvas are hygroscopic, these materials absorb moisture,

    Suggest you leave the painting in the driest room and not move it about.

    Try and bring your house to a uniform temperature and humidity.

    When the painting is finished and dry, in six months, leave it in the driest, warm room for 48 hours until taut. Triple coat with spray varnish back and front to seal against moisture.

    Avoid this problem by using aluminium laminate (Dibond) products.


  • Many thanks Denis. I will do as you suggest. regards BJ.
  • BJ does that stretcher have a cross brace? that my be necessary for a canvas that big.
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