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Some beginner questions about mixing paints and mediums

I'm new to all this and pardon my silly questions, but I've just mixed up my first batch of all the colors, and used W&N "Artisan" Water Mixable Oils because that's what I had, and I don't really have any money at the moment.  (Also, I was using old-school DELQ, because I bought a tin of it back when I was feeling inspired, and then it sat in storage for years.)

Blue mixed up like a dream... yellow probably still has lumps after 15 minutes of stirring.... My red though... looks like raspberry jam. (Alizarin Crimson tube)

So I guess my beginner questions are two:

1) - Is red supposed to be that dark? Do water mixable oils get darker or something if they sit in storage for years? It looks like blood... maybe a tiny bit purple. (gotta get my color checker)

2) -The "lumps" in such a thing... I've stirred and stirred, gunning for the creamy goodness in Mark's videos. Are they just not going away because I'm using WMO or old paint? Can you deal with that last bit of smashing during the color mixing palette building phase, or is that just going to be a headache? I felt like I needed a mortar and pestle but all I had was a large popsicle stick and a mason jar.

I've left 'em to thin overnight for now (as per the instruction specifically about the yellow), just kinda looking for general new-painter advice.

Side question #3) -- The new series of videos uses a different formula for Titanium White SDM.  In the OLD DVD, he does mention adding clove oil for Burnt Umber, but nothing in particular for white.  So I'm wondering what if anything should be added to my white medium blend, which I've not done yet. I have DELQ, I have Linseed Oil, and I have Clove Oil. (and W&N "Artists' Oil Colour" Titanium White)

Also feel free to tell me if anything I'm up to leads to a horrible dead end. I'm just going to be playing with my first go in the method, but it'd be good to know for later.


  • FractalOutlook

    Yes red looks dark, it's meant to be a crimson color.

    The yellow paint has been in a tube too long, just keep mixing and mashing.

    W&N WM white works well with standard SDM, the DELQ equivalent. No need for special formula.


  • edited June 2017
    Awesome, thanks. My Titanium White isn't WMO, it's just W&N "Artists' Oil Colour"... just wanted to make sure I should use it as normal with the DELQ.

    As to the lumps and bits, I'm not sure I can mix much more... but I think I may need a better mixing stick (one that has a mashing element to it)

    Can't mash at all with a tongue depressor-style stick. I clearly need something with some width.

  • FractalOutlook

    The Artist Oil White needs the special formula SDM or it polymerises to rubber overnight. Use the water mixable TW With standard SDM.

    Try using a small or cut down silicone spatula from kitchen ware store to mash lumps. You need flexibility not width.


  • OK, so.. what I have is DELQ, Linseed Oil, and Clove Oil... and W&N "Artists' Oil Colour" Titanium White... I can't mix up a new batch of SDM at the moment, so I'm asking what the difference is and how is best to fix DELQ for use with white. I don't have water mixable white, or standard SDM, so... that doesn't help really.

    I could see the flexibility thing helping with the against-the-side mashing. I'll look into better tools when I can.

    Thanks again!

  • FractalOutlook

    Use your Artist's white with a little linseed to adjust flow and DELQ with your other colors.
    Just mix a puddle of white sufficient for each painting session.


  • I saw Mark use some wooden stir sticks, put three or four together and use it like a whisk.
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