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WIP - Still life - Gum Leaves - 20" X 20" - OOC - painted from life.

This is a still life I started yesterday. I didn't know what to paint so went outside and ripped a few leaves of a eucalypt tree and stuck them in a glass bowl. I wanted a change from landscape.

I haven't got all of the stained canvas covered yet -  and won't  because  it  forms the main value for the shaded areas. This is an exercise in mixing values and drawing with the brush. I didn't do an pencil or charcoal under-drawing - I'm using big brushes and trying to get that crisp look that really good painters get by putting a stroke of the right value down in the right place first time and just leaving it alone. I'm also trying to get away from relying on photos. Now that I have a heated and well lit studio I want to paint all my still lifes from life.

I don't know how much more I'll do to it - a few more leaves and fill in the lit side of the wall leaving the shadows of the leaves and maybe finish the shaded side of the table. It's an exercise so it doesn't have to look finished or polished.  

Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there to see if folks think it's working.

Thanks for looking.

Rob :)



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