Geneva paint glazing medium

Hello, I just use GENEVA paints and I'm very happy !
I want to add a second layer on my paint as a glazing method.
How can I prepare GENEVA paint to be more transparent for glazing ?
Linseed oil ? medium ? 

Thanks !


  • Stef

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Geneva is not available here in Australia yet, so I haven't had a chance to try things out. Nonrtheless, Liquin will work well for glazing and will probably dry in 24 hrs. This will then speed up subsequent glaze layers in comparison with other mediums.


  • Hello Denis, nice to meet you, I just add a post to  "introduce myself ". I'm not used to forum...

  • Who knows about composition of GENAVA paint included medium ?
    I need to make a bit more to add to GENEVA and make it more transparent...
  • Stef

    Here is the description from Geneva


    Geneva Artists' Oil Color is premium-grade artists' paint. We do not add driers to our paint or to the medium we mix into it, and therefore it dries slowly and remains wet on the canvas for about 5 to 10 days (depending on the pigment, paint thickness, and ambient temperature). In general, Geneva paint was formulated to benefit artists who like to work alla prima (wet-in-wet).

    • Made with the highest-grade pigments and finest artist-grade linseed oil
    • Ready to use — already has medium incorporated into it
    • High pigment load
    • No toxic fumes — no driers, no solvents
    • Forms a durable long-term paint film
    • Thoroughly tested
    • 100% made by us in our workshop in Austin, Texas — click here for photos of the team at work


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