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gfishgfish -
edited March 2013 in Off-Topic Discussion
Look at what showed up in my fishing hole.


  • oh crap! but you know, that third one would make a pretty cool painting. I had no idea they came that close to shore. That is huge!
  • Very nice Garry! Sharks are pretty common in the troughs between the offshore sand bars. As we discussed if you fly over the surf in a small plane, you can see them almost all the time. They will normally not get closer than the second trough so at low time they don't get trapped when the first bar is exposed (or nearly so) by low tide. This one was probably chasing a school of fish or perhaps some rays for a bit of a snack. Did you have some lines out?
  • What a beautiful meeting Garry, it should be fascinating to observe :)
  • Actually we had dumped the cuttings from the days catch after filleting out. I think we chummed the bad boy in. He was a nice one. About six foot and one time he beached himself and had to squirm back out but I did not have the camera at that time. Pretty cool. :)
  • I'm sure your right Gary....forgot about the bucket of cuttings. Surprised the birds didn't get it all!
  • gfish said:

    I think we chummed the bad boy in. He was a nice one.

    Probably till he bites you? Lol

    Hahaha.. My response to the photo is.. "Shark's Fins Soup" muahahaha! >:) Chinese eats anything.. lol.. :p but it looks so cute.. Hahaha.. ;;)
  • How I have that toon in my head! ~X(
    What a memory you will have of that day! Very cool BubbaG. :D
  • Had another one today. Did not get a pick but I actually through a fish head to him and he nailed it and swam off. So cool but I am limiting my swimming for now. :)
    Mavis, is shark fin soup any good? I am not sure if I could hold the shark while I cut the fin. :))
  • Bubba G...your note of the shark hitting the fish head reminded me of the 'wisdom' of some surf fisherman. Never really understood those that stand in the surf in waist deep water and keep a stringer of bloody fish tied to their waist! Always reminded me of an invitation to dinner for our little sharky friends. Looks like today is going to be a fantastic fishing/golfing day on the Palm Coast! Temps in the low-mid 80's, clear blue skies and no wind.....hope you and Marcia have lots of fun today!! :)
  • Hey Gary, I don't think I would stand in water baiting the fish! My son from Alaska due in today so we are looking forward to his visit. Beautiful morning here.
  • Fantastic....I remembered your son was coming down sometime this month....this will be a virtual heatwave for him. Hope he enjoys the fishing! :) Know you'll enjoy your visit with him.
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