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Hello everybody, I havent been here for a long time.

Recently I purchased some paint from Winsor and Newton and I discovered that in Permanent Alizarin Crimson tube, there was a black color instead of red! :open_mouth: I already send a claim through their help/ support page and Im waiting for their reply. Does enyone ever experienced something like this? Im wondering how is it even possible to label the tube with wrong sticker. I thought it is done by machine line or something.. I already mixed that black color with sdm so I will not be able to send it back and I hope they will be willing to send me new red free of cost. To be honest Im pretty dissapointed.. 


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    Things like this sometimes happen (manufacturing defect), but you can count on W&N to be faithful to you and replace what you lost with no questions asked. I've worked with W&N products since 1978 with no worries.

  • Things like this sometimes happen (manufacturing defect), but you can count on W&N to be faithful to you and replace what you lost with no questions asked. I've worked with W&N products since 1978 with no worries.

    You worked with W&N? Man you are so lucky! Did you manage to get some free paints?  :#:o;)
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    @Kaustav ,No free paints and such, however they have been quite accommodating in replacing faulty products no questions asked, I believe they offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products. I still have my original W&N watercolor brushes and watercolor pallet (57 colors) in perfect working condition since 1978 and I know that I if anything fails me no fault of mine, they will replace. My first watercolor teacher recommended the best materials for the best paintings, eliminating much frustration and heartaches for the artist, better delivering on better end results even for the beginner painter. Oil painters were our inspiration and aspirations in realism that included outdoor landscape, still life and intro to figure work. Using photographs for reference was much discouraged! Drawing from life developed into a daily habit was encouraged. I studied with this teacher for 4 years, 2 x 3 month semesters per year, then college a little later. 
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    @Kaustav ,Just wanted to add, this watercolor teacher and his methods remind me very much of what Mark C. is offering here! Remarkable similarity, 2 completely different mediums. 
  • So I received a reply from W&N and they will send me a new tube. I sent them a video showing the issue. They were ok with it and accepted my claim. Now Im waiting for my new red so I will be able to mix it with SDM. Hopefully I will have my atelier ready pretty soon to start my first painting with Carder method. :) 
  • Fantastic! and patience is important.
  • Due to server maintanance Im still waiting for tube replacement :/.

    I also found a shop in Czech Republic, selling W&N Artist oil colour, but they dont have permanent alizarin crimson. Is there any other red from W&N which might subtitute Permanent Alizarin Crimson for Carder Method? What about Quinacridone Red 548? 
  • @Jaromir Even if you can't have permanent alizarin, then you still have great options: 
    1. Pure quinacridone magenta (student ones have violet mixed into it, don't buy these). I think this is the best mixing red to have. It produces brilliant oranges and bright reds when mixed with cad lemons/cad yellow pale. For violets it is perfect. For brightest pinks, purples (for flowers etc) nothing can come close to this. Watch this 

    2. PR264 pyroll red, pyroll ruby (Rembrandt brand), permanent madder deep. Best replacement for alizarin crimson today. It is a single pigment color, so better than permanent alizarin which is a mixed one. Great mixer, produces excellent reds, pinks, violets and oranges. But fails in brightest pink (shocking pinks) in flowers.
     Watch this 
  • Helpfull, thank you. 
  • So I still didnt get replacement from Winsor and Newton as they are still maintaining their website :O..
    I decided to buy quinacridone magenta from another shop to speed up the preparation.. I already mixed all other colours with SDM. Unfortunatelly I somehow screw burnt umber, where you should mix extra oil of cloves. I use spike levander oil instead, added 15ml of it (as per Marks video) and it was plenty for 37ml tube - i didnt add any SDM after, as it was really runny. Do you guys have any experience with oil of spikes levander?  It is too runny now and smell is crazy intense :/. I also tested consistency of my yellow and it is pretty runny too :/, even I made it a bit more thick during thinning process. I hope I will be able to use these for painting, otherwise it will be a big waste of money.. 
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    Very sorry to hear of this lack of integrity from W&N, o' my....things have changed. For runny paint, if left in the open to dry just a little it will thicken. I get similar with clove oil if I over do it(easy to do, quite common). So it is important to add just a little of the slow dry medium at a time beginning with 2/3 tube, until very close to what is desired, very careful not to overdo, this way I can simply add more paint left over from the tube for thickening. I most often wait a week in case adjustments are needed for mixed paint to settle properly before any use. Don't lose hope just yet. Mark has a very good video on this topic precisely. My first mix of paint for my first painting was not quite up to par in the performance(a little thin), so had to try harder, but no failure. I got the mix much better now and a better painting experience. Clove oil also supports feelings of serenity.
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