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Geneva versus "ordinary" oil paints?

I'm getting into Mark's painting methods and am very interested in the Geneva paints.  I'll probably be buying a set pretty soon and am wondering what other's experiences are with them as compared to other oil paints modified using Mark's slow dry medium.

I have some Grumbacher WMO paints and some Lukas oils and plan to mix up some of the slow dry medium to use with them to help me get familiar with the slow dry, more fluid characteristics.   

I am wondering if anyone has used both the Geneva paint and regular oils modified with Mark's recipe?  What are your opinion on using both?


  • I haven't used Mark's paint.  I have used his slow dry medium with various brands of paint.  It works well, but it is very dependent on the quality of oil paint you are using.  If your paint doesn't have a generous pigment load in it, you will have trouble with the paint being to thin.  That will cause you to have to let it dry and then oil it in and then repeat the process of painting it.  Particularly with reds and yellows as they tend to be very transparent.  I have read others' comments here on the forum that have used his paint and apparently the coverage is very good and they like it quite well.  Others haven't appreciated it so much.  I guess it is a personal thing and if you have painted for years you have already become rather set in your ways.  If I didn't already have so much paint, I'd buy it in a minute.  Everything Mark has taught and his other ideas and products have been excellent, so I would expect the paint would be also.  There are always some that will find faults.
  • Thanks!  

    I plan to get Mark's portrait video and a set of his paints this summer.  Between now and then, I'll try his slow dry medium with my Geumbacher and Lukas oils.  I've noticed that almost every paint manufacturer claims a "high pigment load", so I guess a test is the best way to compare. 
  • If once you get the geneva paints see if they behave the way his does in his mixing colors video. If they are stiff or runny he will replace them for you. The "worst" thing I have heard is they take so long to dry.
  • The drying factor.  Put it out in a pickup or vehicle when the sun is shining.  Drying will no longer be a problem.  Of course, I live in Texas and it gets really hot.  The vehicle might not smell to swift but that will clear up pretty quick when you remove the painting.
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