The lack of components for medium

Hello, Mr. Carder and all community members!
I faced some troubles finding components for oil paint medium.
I live in Russia and i can't find some components for medium, for example: stand oil, Venice turpentine and oil of cloves.
In my local stores a can only purchase usual turpentine, mineral spirit, refined linseed oil, pinene, and some varnish(usually dammar varnish on pinene or turpentine base).
Question: How can I mix some analog oil paint medium on the base of my local store supplies?
Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!(and sorry for my bad english)


  • Welcome @corporal_charles My advice to you would be find local artists who paint "wet in wet" and like their paint to have leveling and not dry fast. Maybe they have found some formula. Clove oil may be found in a health food store, pharmacy or even where women's cosmetics are sold. venice turpentine comes from larch fir trees and  is comonly used to treat horses hooves for cracks. A farm supply store might have it. If the pinene you mentioned comes from larch trees, it might work...This place in Moscow  carries Daler Rowney products and may be a source for stand oil and odorless mineral  spirit. If you use stand oil, you will absolutely need clove oil.. If you are not near Moscow maybe they do order by mail. Good Luck.

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  •  I forgot to mention; your English is fine.
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    Welcome to the forum. - online source for Venetian Turpentine and stand oil.

    Russia is a huge producer of VT - larch resin.

  • Thanks Denis, I didn't know if DB shipped to Russia.
  • BOB73

    You are correct

    Blicks will not ship flammable or electrical goods internationally, so that rules out VT.

    This shop in Moscow stocks Maimerie and Senneliar.


  • Senneliar makes the imitation VT but Mark says that's what he uses. That's also what I use. I'm lucky not to have these supply issues. I can get the kind of vt the farrier uses but it's nice not to have to boil it down.
  • I am using a mixture of turpentine, clove oil and linseed oil only. I don't have easy access to the stuff  mentioned above. So, I am using this most basic medium. If the weather in your area is cold then I guess clove oil can also be avoided. In my area (New Delhi in India) temperature rises to almost 40-45 degree centigrade. Clove oil doesn't work. Paint dries in almost 2-3 days. But paints remain active for more than two weeks during winter (3-5 degrees). I am sure you shouldn't have any problems in Russia. 
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    Thanks everybody, gentlemen!
    You're really awesome and genial. Your help is significant for me. And I have already found some local suppliers of VT and other goods. I am reading your conversation with interest.
    Kaustav, can you write correct proportions of your mixture? (and what do you mean by turpentine: usual liquid gum turpentine or thick venetian turpentine?) 
    By the way, you're right: in North-West Russia(where i live) we have no problems with such high temperature in summer.
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