Feedback on my colours!

Hello everyone.
I am working on my second painting and would love advice on my colours before I move forward. As I look at this I don't think I got the greens sufficiently. Also it doesn't seem like there are enough steps in the pinks and purples but they're such a small area it's really hard to see more values than that. I would love to get another perspective on this.Thank you!


  • I think my problem might have to do with determining the colour groups. To follow Mark's instructions and move through the value steps you have to have the colour groups sorted. Starting from the darkest green, it sort of moves in two directions towards a yellow green and a green green which I didn't mix entirely. Same for the pinks and purples. Starting from dark purple it moves towards light purple and towards pink. 
    Am I right about this? Is that the problem?
    Want to get this right before moving on.
  • I believe you have it right. These are plenty to get started in a good direction. Just keep in mind as you go along that you may have to change or alter your colors somewhat along the way to completing your painting. You may need to make new colors too. You will know better as you progress. This looks a lot like my own which I learned from Mark C.
  • Try to remember you do the color steps to help keep your values. The paint blobs you make in your steps may not be the same colors you actually paint with. I hope I said that right. I wish I could remember in which video Mark explained this. He made it sound so logical and simplified.
  • @mmccabe, those colours/values look pretty good to me. You always have to tweak things a bit as you progress with a painting but from what I can see I think you're ready to start.

  • First painting session. Feedback?
  • mmccabe

    Looking good.


  • A good start. I look forward to watching this develop.
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