Wrinkling in linen after stretching

Is this normal?  I bought it Oil Primed



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     You might want to -(a) return it where you purchased it, check next one before leaving the store. -(b) remove this from the stretcher, try to iron it out on the linen setting on the iron, and re-stretch. But I don't recommend this for fear of damaging the oil primer already on it.
  • Are you using canvas pliers? It's helpful when stretching canvas. You want your staples about an inch apart in regular intervals going from the middle out. Try to keep all your staples in the same line. You can also lightly mist the back, but you have to get the water as even as possible, use an old brush to move the water into the edges. 

    I find stretching linen a pain. I'm trying to like it, but it's just not as tight as canvas and it's prone to rippling during weather changes. Poly canvas ripples too! My two favorite supports: linen glued on to panel and stretched cotton canvas. 
  • If this was stretched and stapled to spreader bars when you bought it, you should return it. If you did it yourself you can re-stretch it yourself if your sizing and primer have had time to cure. or you might try wedges (keys) or water. Here's a couple of videos of using water. Water wont hurt anything so I'd try that first. Good Luck.

  • This is a different topic but I noticed one of my paintings that I did in watermixable oil has become flat after drying and all the wetness and life it had prior to drying is gone.  I watched Marks video on oiling but I don't have refined linseed oil just regular linseed oil from Grumbacher.  Will this work or do I need to get refined linseed oil for The watermixable oil painting.  I used Weber oil paint and regret it, Jesus that stuff is stiff.  I got some Cobra WMO paint and it is awesome stuff, I love the flow of it.

  • Did the water trick from the video.  It was like magic. I can play a song on this thing it's so tight
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    A clean soft wet sponge using DISTILLED water has always worked for me at removing the wrinkles that appear on canvas.  Haven't tried a dressmakers clothes steamer with distilled water yet on canvas.  I'm pretty sure that it would also work as I have used them in my sewing studios over the years on dressmaking fabrics.  I think Amazon sells them.  :)
  • @Sonnystrauss, looks like you fixed it. I must remember that trick. Thanks @BOB73 for that video about repairing a dented canvas. I have a stretched canvas with a dent exactly like that.
  • @BOB73  thank you for that video!!!!  the water trick worked perfectly for me as well.  yay!!!
  • Hi, I have many years of experience stretching pre-primed linen. Without very nice pleirs it can be difficult to get the tightness desired. It looks to me like the linen was not stretched tightly enough to begin with. I would avoid using water whenever possible as very dry weather down the line can cause the linen to become slack again. Just my two cents.
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