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No Audio in "How to paint realism"

edited March 2017 in Technical Support
Hello , i just bought the video "how paint realism" and in the 3 part there is no audio from minute 40, its back in the 1:52 and then disappear a bit later.
In the trailer of the this video he say explain every thing is doing, check second 35.
So my questions are : 
- there is any update of this for fix the audio? 
- i am interested on buy the portrait and landscape videos , its have the same problem?

If you wanna fix you can send me the audio and i can add it on adobe premiere.
sorry for my bad english.
Thanks you.


  • thanks Flatty, do you know if in the portrais video is the same way? and how many time is without audio?
    thanks you
  • Flatty said:
    Yes it's a mix of both. 6-8 hours worth. I get sooo much out of actually watching the process. I feel it is well explained and then you see it in action. I'm very happy with the purchase. So much so I now have confidence to paint a portrait. I took the photo, laminated myself and sketched it out as instructed. Will start slinging paint just as soon as I finish my challenge painting:-) 
    Look forward to seeing your portrait!
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