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Greetings everyone...I guess I am very late in introducing myself to all the lovely people on this forum.This is Chetan from India.I am a software Engineer trying to make my way into the art world...Over the time I have realised that my true passion lies in the art... specifically in painting.I love painting in oils and really like to paint portraits as they demand the uttermost perfection of drawing,color and values (hence it is easy for me to find out where I went wrong ).I paint in whatever free time I get from my job,but I am thinking to be a full time artist and already am cursing myself for wasting so many years not doing paintings,I still curse myself each day because I feel that I am wasting my hours in the work which I am less passionate about,instead of which I could have made those hours valuable by drawing and painting....Hence I am thinking about resigning from my job and follow my passion.I really want to learn and paint all my life,so if anyone requires any kind of assistant or want someone for a job which involves drawing/painting please let me know,I am up for it.thank you so much for reading this,have a nice day ahead :)


  • totally agree with you @dencal ,but the feeling which painting gives us is more than pay package....are you a full time artist?
  • rauchetan

    No. Retired Archaeologist and casual painter.


  • @dencal that's awesome...two most of the interesting professions to be in!
  • I'm old. Giving advice comes easy to me. My advice is free and maybe worth it. If you are serious about changing careers... Try private consulting in your expertise. Work part time. Do a small (fast) painting for your client as a thank you (for hiring you). Tell your client you would love to paint a portrait of him/her/family but you can't afford the time (lost income) unless he is willing to pay. Paint as much as you can in the meantime. Follow the advice from Mark  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEFjULmwtMY "How to make a living as an artist". Being a private engineering consultant and making a living as an artist have two important things in common. They both have the potential to be more lucrative (financially rewarding) and with both; you wake up every morning unemployed. That was a very nice introduction, @rautchetanand I wish you the good luck that is deserved and earned by YOUR hard work and diligence in developing your talent and skills.


  • @rautchetan, @dencal I found it best to have some regular paying work for basic daily needs even if minimal. It's good discipline and real good for self love. I had to learn a lot about love, loss, fear and forgiveness along the way, good ethics, integrity and being responsible. Liking and loving myself, keeping my feelings and soul alive/enthusiasm, and keeping myself open and willing to grow, change, being adaptable to change, and keep being social, keep physically healthy. The value of keeping peace and tranquility, and the discipline. It's a commitment, as large as life itself. Regardless, it's best to get a lot of laughs and have fun along the way. I enjoy being tickled and I enjoy tickling others and I like the joy in that.
  • @BOB73 ,Thank you so much for your generous comment :),that is a really nice idea.It's just that I really want to dedicate my full time for painting and nothing else,Hence I am not able to think of doing other job for long duration.I have seen this video quite a few times....and it is like one of my inspirations which are driving me to become a full time artist(the things which mark says that he could draw well from the childhood but never had experience with paints and how he has worked hard with passion and taught himself to paint)
  • @Forgiveness ,I will surely try to follow along your suggestion and finding some regular paying work which is not as exhaustive or time consuming like the one I have now...thanks again :)
  •   Hi @rauchetan. You've been here a while but I'll formally welcome you anyway. Good luck with pursuing your goals in art.  :)
  • I agree with @Forgiveness it may sound a little odd but we are not like those university passouts. It is a good advice from @Forgiveness to at least secure your basic needs, family needs. A lot of artists I know are doing job at newspapers, companies and they paint when they are free. Your daily time for continuous exercise must be maintained at all costs.
  • Thanks @tassieguy , thanks @Kaustav I will try to find such kind of jobs where in I will be related to painting and drawing in one or other way,or will Atleast get a sufficient time to practice.Thank you so much everyone for valuable advice :)
  • Hi Chetan! wish you to achieve all your goals!
  • Hi @rauchetan.  Like BOB73, I too am old - I am transitioning into retirement (with a 3-day workweek).  I highly recommend using a transition period.  My concern with your idea is that when going ‘cold-turkey’, your love on art, which has been on your terms, may cool as it becomes ‘work’, a ‘job’, …and with this maybe leaving some of your joy and passion behind.

  • @ph1 I totally agree with you,it's just I feel that it's not sufficient to work in whenever free time I am getting from my job.What you are saying is 100% true that when it becomes work,the passion might be compromised... Thanks for your valuable view :)
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