What is your day job?

Is your art your sole source of income or even a part of it? And if you work at a different job for 40 hours a week (or more) when do you make time to paint? 


  • @kimNZ, William Adolphe Bouguereau; a master of light and shadow. You've chosen well for an artist to emulate. We all have a long way to go to get to his level.
  • I need @MeganS at my house for renovations and running roughshod over my 21 and 26 year old un-coachable daughters. 
  • Sounds good! Which Vermeer? :)
  • Do the one with the girl at the keyboard-face in the mirror. That patterned cloth in the foreground will take a long time to paint You'll need to start before you are twelve to finish it in your life time.
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    Too late Bob, Tim Jenison did it.  Took him three years and cost millions.  I will go the cheaper route and paint my own genre pictures.  Richard I don't have the time or patience to copy someone else's work.  I take my inspiration from Vermeer but not his compositions
  • Couldn't agree more @tassieguy. I have always thought art and science are closely related - they are both inherently creative pursuits. I suspect da Vinci would have agreed. E.O. Wilson is a giant.

  • All teachers are alike aren't they?
  • Thanks @Richard_P, I don't enjoy hanging out with elders as much as I did when I was younger. Now I am an elder too and mostly they want to talk about our various infirmities. Actually what I wanted to say in response to your comment was about respect. I keep visiting because of all the mutual respect here. Moreso here than any forum I know of.
  • Thank you @BOB73.  Vulnerable people of all stripes and ages need our collective compassion and patience, and advocacy.  As for the forum, I couldn't agree more!!  This is a humble, authentic, and supportive group.  
  • I'd rather be classified as Venerable with assorted vulnerabilities.
  • I had my own practice as a natural therapist after I had studied medicine. Two years ago I had to give it up cause of my cancer.
    That is why I have so much time to get into arts :-) and to learn with patience.
  • Retired teacher. Which subject? Art. But, when you teach Art the last thing you want to do in the ending is paint. Loved teaching, love retirement better. 
  • My sincerest and heartfelt congratulations for that @Kingston. All other endeavors pale in comparison if you'll forgive a cliché.
  • Hey @Kingston! I’ll be 32 in Feb. My dad(RIP) managed to rack up 47.
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