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This is my first time oil painting and I would be very thankful if I got some advice from the artists in this forum. 

So I used 3 coats of gesso on the student grade canvas (did not do any sanding in between) and then applied a layer of burnt umber and white (not the alkyd ones, but the regular ones) mixed in OMS.On drying I got a shiny surface (the matt effect of gesso was gone). While painting i realized that the bristles were kind of lifting out the new paint and the stain was visible as if the surface was slippery and didnt have much tooth. (With the dark blue background the little stains showing through looked like stars in the night sky :o). I had to pat with the paint brush at these spots to hide them. I read somewhere in this forum that some artists use leftover paints to stain the canvas. Would they also have this problem? Can the last layer of white gesso be mixed with some burnt umber to retain the tooth.
May be I am worrying for no reason and its a normal thing, but I thought I would still ask.

P.S. My oil paint consistency was a tad thicker and had less flow than Mr. Carder's ( I don't know if its relevant).

Thank you


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