Hello and basic question

Hi folks, I've been self-teaching for a while via youtube and such and now I want to follow Mark's method. I have watched nearly all the vids, built a shadow box, changed my lighting, mixed medium in the the 5 paints and bought new brushes. When do my paintings get to Sargent level? Ok, that's not the question. Having followed along with the 'silver cup' steps and watched all the other vids, is there unseen material in the 'How to Paint Realism' course that is not in the free vids? I plan to purchase the portrait and landscape courses when I get better at still life painting. I'm grateful to Mark and happy he is so generous, but if I can save the $100 and spend it on new instructions, that makes sense to me. However, if there is stuff in there I can't get from the free posts, I will happily purchase it.


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