Applying The Method to plain air landscapes?

I'm so happy to have stumbled across Marks videos on YouTube I have enjoyed watching them for several days now and in all my 40+ years of drawing and painting I've never heard or seen many of the tips and details you share Mark, thank you! I've been an active color consultant for most of the past decade so working with color is my forte putting it into practice as you describe is truly exciting, it all makes so much sense!
The limited palette, for a gal on a budget, perfect!
Now that I am moving back into activily producing artwork these tutorials are great. 
I just have one question that is; how I can translate your method into plain aire landscapes? 
I live in a gloriously beautiful part of the world and want so much to put it on canvas but I feel like using photos will limit my ability to capture the subtle nuances of the color in vegetation, etc.
Any suggestions ?


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