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Not new to painting, but reacquainting myself with oils. Last time I regularly painted in oils was junior high age (13 or so)  but mainly due to concerns about huffing in too much turp and the like I was persuaded to change mediums.  THAT was back in the 60s, so...moved into acrylics as well as other art mediums and disciplines, print making (serograph & etching), enamel, and ceramics, stoneware, etc. Went to college to learn commercial art...more than 75% of which I now mourn as "useless" knowledge today.  But hey...I can tell you how much work that one click of a computer mouse saved you!  I was dragged kicking and screaming into computer graphics back in the early 80s by my computer savvy brothers and was converted into a "pixel pusher".  I still do commercial art (layout, corporate identity stuff, etc) and photo editing,  including computer graphic painting.  But I always painted in traditional mediums and just in the last month or so decided I'd grab some oils and rekindle my friendship with them.  AND I love it!  Found Mark's work and here I am.  I already have a studio set up, but am trying to make it as Draw Mix Paint style as I can.  It is a bit of a challenge to retrain my technique, to relearn the use of oil vs. acrylic, but I now remember what a pleasure it was.  BUT...I'm a detail person. Overly so in painting just about every time, always have been. It is my hope to learn from Mark's instruction and the people in this forum how to free up a bit, curing my OCD need to micromanage every little stroke of the brush!


  • RingWorthy

    Welcome to the Forum.

    You have chosen the right teacher. 


  • RingWorthy,   welcome to the site Brother, there are folks on here that really know their stuff.  You seem to have a very accomplished resume behind you,  I'm sure that will come in handy.   

    I have a very wide background myself; but I've been considering a diet.  Ha!!! (just teasing)

  • Welcome @RingWorthy , I hope you will be a frequent visitor and contributor here. I've learned so much here already but I can tell that you might be a great resource to all of us especially the inexperienced ones like me. I've learned enough that I can give you this piece of advice: Watch ALL of Mark's videos. even (maybe especially) the ones with topics you may not be interested in. Mark drops these little tips or ideas that may not be on topic but are real gems. No need for turps.There's lots about avoiding toxicity and other safety issues in this forum and Mark's videos.
  • Welcome @RingWorthy ! Can't wait to see your paintings...
  • @RingWorthy, Welcome, I am accomplished much like you in my background, I learned to let it go, but avoided the computer. I have known of Mark since 2013, been learning , practicing, setting up anew for this, and now completing my first oil painting for one week so far and enjoying myself, and looking forward. Enjoy!
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    Hi, @RingWorthy. Welcome to the forum. :)
  • Welcome! You'll find folks from all different backgrounds & experience levels interact here. It's a great team!
  • Thank you very much for the kind welcomes!  Just started going through Mark's videos and already inspired.
  • Welcome! I certainly can identify with your OCD concerning micromanaging every little brush stroke.I painted with acrylics for a number of years, but was always frustrated with hard edges.Now that I'm retired I started painting with oils and came across Marks videos on Youtube.I nearly freaked out watching him paint with all those large brushes! Painting ugly has been the hardest concept for me, and with your commercial art background I'm guessing you may struggle with that as well. After struggling for a few months I have to say I'm having a blast painting and am sure you will too!
  • @BradWood Yep, while they may overlap in some cases, commercial art is a different beast.  Although I have developed a sort of painterly fine artish vibe to the ad work I do now.  I'll dig out an example at some point maybe. I enjoy digital painting, I learned from grassroots, sans all the fancy layers and brushes many programs have now.  I pretty much paint it like I'd paint with traditional medium. I also combine digital and traditional. I'm enjoying being back in oils and hope I can learn from Mark and you all here!

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