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Recommended Brushes

I would like to start acquiring the supplies needed to start painting.
I would like to know what brushes Mark uses or recommends, I would definitely not try to save on brushes, but I won’t spend just for the sake of spending.
I have seen the supply list which the WN brushes are recommended for someone who doesn’t want to spend. I have searched around here but haven’t found any clear answer, or they are very old posts.

Thanks all


  • Abraham26

    Mark's favourite brand is Raphael. Many folk on the forum favor Rosemary brushes.


  • I'm using the WN brushes recommended. They are as good as some of the premium brushes I've had and the WN brushes cost a lot less. Purchased from Jerry's Artarama on line. The on line prices are much better than their store in town.
  • When I was in Mark's studio I only saw W&N brushes, but I did not examine his personal stash, which he keeps separate.  I prefer Escoda brushes to all others, including Rosemary, which showed up rather flayed, and hence, were disappointing.  I rarely use the Rosemary brushes.
  • I've tried Rosemary filbert brushes and whilst they started out beautifully I found that they quickly lose their sharp edge even when I've been careful not to push and poke with them but only drag them. Recently I found some really cheap brushes is the craft section of our local Bunnings hardware store and they work great and keep their edge. What I've discovered is that it's really difficult to judge brushes until you actually use them.
  • I've not had that problem with Rosemary filbert brushes. I like them.
  • I recommend the W&N hog bristles for a start. Long filberts ot flats. They will hold their shape fairly well. As your own personal style and technique develops, you will explore other brands and styles most likely, as well as palette knives. Enjoy the process. Happy painting!
  • Hello all,

    I already went with the Raphael brushes, 2,4,6 and 00.
    I will most probably try other brands and style of brushes, but I wanted to be able to start right at the beginning.
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