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Do the Geneva paint contain any dryers or additives that can cause allergic reactions?

Hello:) I'm Stian from Norway. I'm working on improving my English, please excuse any mistakes. I have a question that maybe you guys can help me with.
The oil paint I'm using is Old Holland and a Swedish brand called Beckers.
I use no solvents at all. When I'm thinning out the paint i just use some drops of cold pressed raw linen oil.

Even though I use no solvents my eyes get irritated and itchy when I paint. When the room is heavily ventilated its no problem. But its pretty cold here in Norway. Sow that's not always a good solution. Maybe I'm allergic to some of the dryers that are added to these oil paints? Or the dryers that are added to the cold pressed raw linen oil? So my main question is: are there any dryers or additives added to the Geneva paint that are known to cause any allergic reaction? If its not. I will buy the Geneva paint To see if that eliminates this problem.

I would be very thankful for any answer :)


  • I understand that there are no dryers in Geneva paints. But have you tested Linseed oil on it's own to see if that is what is causing your reaction? I have read of some people who say they are sensitive to it.
  • Hello Richard_P :) I did at test with just the cold pressed raw linen oil and that went well. So I don't think it is the oil. Did at test and painted just with the paint straight from the tubes and got that itchy reaction in my eyes. So looks like its from something in the paint tubes.
  • That's promising. You could try a test with a fast drying colour like burnt umber that might not have any dryers added, and see if that is different to a slow drying colour with dryers added?
  • @Stian  Welcome to the forum Stian. Old Holland paint consists only of pigments and cold pressed linseed oil. Quote: "The only medium we use for our oil paints is cold-pressed extra virgin linseed oil, ..."

    I don't know about Beckers... but read in their description of their paint, that quote: "Beckers Normalfärg consists of carefully selected colour pigments mixed with oil, usually linseed oil." Usually means, they also mix some of the pigments with something else?

    This is not very helpful in terms of solving the problem... I hope you will find out soon ... Esther
  • That's a good idea Richard_P I will try that. :)

    Hello EstherH. Thank you very much :) Beckers also mix some of their paint with safflower oil, poppy oil and modified soya bean oil. How do one now if there are added dryers to a linseed oil or not? Is it never added dryers to cold pressed raw linen oil?
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