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Zinc White and milky whites with using Titanium White

I've seen several places on the internet where people describe it better to use Zinc White rather than Titanium white to tint colours due to Titanium White's tendency to make things 'milky'.

Yet it's clear that with Mark's colour mixing method (and a lot of others I'm sure) any colour within a limited colour space can be mixed using Titanium White.

So is this just an error in how Titanium White is used in colour mixing, not dealing with the fact it also changes hue and saturation as well as the value, or is it something more?


  • Frankly, after Mark's videos I stopped myself from thinking that one color being different from another similar one. I used to think about the properties of various pigments but now I don't because of opaque way of painting. 
    Colors can be less milky with zinc but again I saw on internet that zinc is harmful for a painting. Lead white cannot reach that extreme whiteness. So titanium is sort of a best choice. If we match values and colors then I don't think milky color problem would appear. If it does then pur orange or umber nearby.
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