Gesso prepared wood panel

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I would like to ask if anyone has an experience with wood panel painting i was in the art store and they recommended me to give it a try coz its better for detailing for the smooth surface (I had this problem with cotton canvas in the books lettering in my still life). I´d like to ask if anybody tried it before? 
Im also concerned about the long-term cracking, can u relate?
i´m curious to give it a try. :) 


  • Haitham

    Yes a properly prepared panel is a good surface for detail work. Best around is Ampersand Gessobord.

    Suggest that it be cradled to avoid bowing or twisting. Also priming before gesso on both sides to seal out moisture. Larger sizes can get pretty heavy, say bigger than 16 x 20 inches.

    If you want a really stable, smooth and durable surface have a look at the Dibond and related aluminium laminates.


  • Here is a detailed discussion some of us had regarding wood panels. You might get some ideas
  • I prefer to paint on them. I prepare my own. Less expensive. But not larger than 24 inches square. Too heavy then. I prime them with Kilz all around, then gesso them all around. I find once they are sealed 100%, they are less likely to bow.
  • @martenvisser exactly i refer to the prepared panels i will give it a try, thank u so much.

    @dencal thank u Denis, I think that the aluminium dibond is the best choice in terms of surface smoohness and durability but i didn´t find it in art store to be selled for the painting purpose, do u know where i can buy it ? and what is the necessary preparation needed?

    @some  will give it a try on a 40x40 cm not a big one see how it goes, thank u.

    @Kaustav thank u for the link it´s really helpful as well.
  • Haitham

    Dibond or equivalent is available from sign writer shops or larger hardware stores.


  • thank u @dencal will look for it, currently i'm working on 40x40cm wood panel my first attempt, my next painting will larger hopefully on a dibond panel. Thank u 
  • Dibond seems expensive here, but does seem a good archival surface.
  • Another option you may try is 1/4" baltic birch plywood. It comes in 5' x 5' sheets and is available at most lumber yards (not big box stores like Home Depot). They will cut it for you for a nominal fee usually if you need it. I cut my own and have painted on panels as large a 20" x 24" with no warping. I have used it with 2 or three coats of Gesso and also have glued linen canvas to it and then oil primed. Just be sure to varnish the back and edges when you varnish the finished painting.
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