Uncle Steve loves you guys (especially the gals of course).

Hello everyone, it is an honor for me to be speaking with such a talented group of artists.  I was amazed when I stumbled onto Mark's DMP video's (on Youtube) and I knew immediately I wanted to learn from this guy. Then for me to visit the Forum and see the work from some of you just amazes me still.  What a pleasure for me to read some of the posts and pick up valuable tips from everyone, then to see your work just blows me away. 

I've already commented on a post ERG had showing her amazing painting of a still life.  ERG and Denis were both kind enough to welcome me to the Forum's so we're kind of like "buds" now.  I expect to bond with both of them, in the near future,  and perhaps begin a "Blog" where we tell our inspirational story of how we all met and how they influenced me into becoming the amazing artist I am.  Ha!!!   That is just a joke because I am not an artist at all.  In fact; I rather "suck" at it. However; I do expect ERG, Denis and myself to become good buds anyway.  Ha!!!   They  both have a good sense of humor and seem like wonderful people, as do the rest of you.

I'd like to begin my story from the beginning but I'm not sure how many words admin will allow for me to ramble on and tell everything.  Because of the recent Holidays I am reminded of the fact I was a "New Year's Baby" in 1950.   No, No.......... I wasn't born on January 1st of 1950 but my story begins there.  My soon to be parents were attending a local honkey tonk to celebrate the New Year when my father accidently spilled his drink on my mother.  They say the place was packed and people were elbow to elbow constantly running into each other.  That is what happened and my father met my mother by spilling a drink and offering to buy her one to replace it and another to replace that one then another and another.......... well you see where this night is headed.  So while I claim to be a New Year's Baby it isn't because I was born just after midnight on January 1st, 1950,  I claim to be a New Years Baby because I was the first to be "conceived" on January 1st, 1950.   Now, they don't hand out gifts with diapers and formula and toys for being the first to be "conceived" but I did hear later I may have had something to do with the government's decision to pass out free condems to school kids and put a machine in every public restroom across the country.  Just sayin!!!

Anyway, I've probably said enough already and I'm getting a little tired sitting at this computer for so long at one time.  I'll come back and tell more later.

Uncle Steve



  • Awe mercy, I should warn everyone my sense of humor makes no sense most of the time so I apologize for my little joke .  I'm guilty of not being serious most of the time but I truly am serious about trying Marks painting methods and learning how to paint a nice picture.  I have truly been interested in art every since I was a kid but I always figured because I couldn't draw very well I didn't have the God given talent to paint anything. 

    Watching Bob Ross re-runs on PBS TV for over a year finally inspired me to try myself.  I ordered art supplies and instructional DVD's from Bob's website several months ago.  After spending a month watching the DVD's and trying to get up my nerve I tried my first painting.  S.O.B.  it was terrible.  I got the paint on way too thick and it caused me all kinds of trouble.  I quit and went back to watching instructions which by now I had found another young kid from California on youtube and he had perfected Bob's technique a little bit and I bought some of his instructional DVD's.  I was in the process of watching his DVD's before trying my next painting when one evening I saw one of Mark's video's on Youtube and that changed everything for me.  That is who I wanted to learn from.

    So since that time I have avoided another painting because I didn't want to ruin another canvas and I've been watching all of Mark's video's and slowly gathing a few of his supplies.  Then I recently learned my little 13 year old great niece loved art also and she got a beginners art supply kit for Christmas.  Of course she has no idea about how to paint and she is trying to figure it all out for herself.  I will soon have her watching Mark's video's and this weekend she is going to ride to Columbus Ohio with me (about an hour Southeast of me) to buy some panals and a few art supplies from a Blick Art store.  

    It doesn't matter to me if I learn how to paint of not; although I would certainly like to.  My main goal is to help my young niece figure all of this out and her become a really good artist by learning from Mark's video's.  It's because of my niece I used the name Uncle Steve as my username.

    Sorry if I confused anyone with my stupid jokes, I'll try to be a little more serious about my comments from now on.  I can't promise but I'll try.

    Uncle Steve


    Summer[Deleted User]
  • I did not start painting until I was 58 and I will be 60 this year.  Watch the videos and do some practice painting. By the third or fourth try I bet you have something you like. Eventually you will find the genre you like best and then it will be so much fun you won't be able to stop.
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