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Purchased class - can find how to download

I purchase a class online and I put in my credit card info, but I do not see anywhere to download the class.  There is nothing in vimeo.  What am I missing?


  • Sorry.  Typo in title.  I can't find how to download the class.
  • I downloaded the portrait course 2 days ago and had no problem. I paid by credit card after which I just hit download. I chose the highest definition so it took a while to download.
  • Hmmmmmm.  I'll wait a few days and see if my credit card is charged.  I did not see a download button or receive anythng from vimeo, so maybe the payment did not go through for some reason.  Thanks for the feedback.
  • I did the purchase again and this time I received the download message.  However, now I try to play the file Windows Media Player says it cannot play the file and I may not have the needed codex, but it doesn't tell me how to get the codex file I need.  Any suggestions?
  • edited December 2016
    I had some trouble last year when I first used vimeo - nothing to do with Mark Carder - but another art tutorial which I purchased through vimeo. Artist could not help with it as it was a vimeo issue. Ended up going through their support contact email and they were able to get things going for me. If I remember right it was a couple of days before they got back to me. Hard to wait... but they did fix it, wish I could remember more, sorry.

    Still might want to let Mark know... He may not be able to do more than refer you to vimeo support but he sure can't help if he does not know, and he may not see this thread. [email protected]
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