Hi everyone,

a couple of years ago I have ordered and received from mark the "colour-checker", the "proportional devider" and a DVD which introduced me to the >Carder Methode<; however, unfortunately I had to substitude the "Thinner" for the oil colour by means of dry-inhibitor (for the lack of better wording) wich I found here on the local market. At the end it did not turn out that well and at the end of the day I have put the entire stuff out of my way. But as with many things in life, I again tried to start with what was left and all of a sudden I came across this web-side.

I thought by myself, what an interesting opportunity so, have another go. And that is what I intend to do.

In one of the first steps I want to show to you some of my recent paintings (If you don't mind) and ask for your comments. I hope that is ok for you.

Best regards,


dencalForgiveness[Deleted User]


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