Hi y'all!

Hello from Tennessee!

A little about me...

I spent most of my childhood drawing. When I graduated high school, I really wanted to go to art school, but my parents said "It's time to put the pencil down and grow up. You can't do anything with an art degree. You're going to nursing school!"  I dropped out after 18 months because I hated it.  Sadly, I did put my pencil down for over 10 years.

When I picked my pencil back up, I drew commissioned portraits in graphite on bristol board for about 5 years, and then I made the transition to photography.  I have since earned a Master Photographer degree, Photographic Craftsman degree, and I'm also a Certified Professional Photographer so I do have a unique understanding of light and how to create very controlled lighting situations.  I am more than capable of creating a photograph to work from that is lit in the style of the old masters.  This is all good stuff, but to be honest - I don't find photography very fulfilling. I really want to go back to art.  I know photography is considered art, but pushing the button on a camera is just not the same :(  If there is a drug like "high" in my life - it is brought on by creating something from nothing.  Paint, pencil, whatever -- I need that "high".

The last time I worked with oil paints was in my high school art class.  It's been ::cough:: a few years (I have children older than I was the last time I painted).  On a whim I bought some water miscible oils and began painting.  I know WMO's are often frowned upon, but I'm chemical sensitive so this is the best I can do since I need to avoid turp. This is my first hand painted oil since the one I did to pass my high school art class. I did work from one of my own photographs.  Is it perfect?  No.  But not bad for a first try.  (pardon the iPhone snap - and the glare! :p )

It's not varnished yet, but I'm pretty pleased for my first go.  Excited to see where this little adventure ends up :)


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