PROBLEM with Rembrant white.

My Rembrand is stiffer than the others colour...but what is strange it become "hard" after few hour sitted on my glass that normal?
The "others" won't due the same effect...and the day after it's hard to work with colors that included a large amount of white.
Here's how I proceeded:
Day 1- Rembrant white mixed with SDM white recipe at the right consistency.
Day 2- Re-check the day stiff so I added more SDM
Day 3- Stiff again! Tested a small amount in a clean jar with more SDM and the day 4 has the same consistency of the day 2??? This white drinks like Garry!
Now has a buttery consistency (day 2) and tends to be transparent so I don't want more SDM.
Mixed with others I've the paint that is right ...not too thin...but only for few hours! (This is the primary reason why I painted fast).
I would like to understand where is the error .... Thanks to all for the help.


  • Hello Maria,

    I have one and no problem
    I have not used it with SDM of Mark but for my grisaille portrait

    5 sessions of working on a big week and a half (with my macular degeneration, there are days where my eyes are too spicy or scrambled and I have to avoid the fumes of mediums)
    first layer, diluted with a mixture of 1 oil and 4 OMS then the other two, with more oil ... the "fat over lean" classic technique

    You may have a failing tube...
    Now, I do not know if this can help but for once that I can try to help, I could not resist :D
  • I don't know if is a failing tube or a temperature problem.... the spring is coming and I will paint in plain air... the sun will heat up my palet! @-)
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