Hello from North Carolina

I found the DMP site a couple of weeks ago and I'm so glad I did. I'm already learning a lot. 
I went to art school in the sixties, when teaching was uncool, so I didn't receive any. I remember asking an instructor if a sable brush would be worth the investment. The answer, beginning with much used profanity was: Man, don't ask me that, go paint with your tongue! I'm trying to teach myself now, and I think this method is going to  be a great help. 


  • tyraD

    Great that you decided to join the Forum. Welcome.

    A sable is an expensive brush suitable for watercolors. For oils synthetic or bristle is a good option.

    I havn't tried my tongue yet.


  • The bristles on my tongue are too short. Welcome to the forum, Carderite. Marks method is a method of teaching not painting. Follow it and you will learn or improve your drawing, mixing and painting. Mark's supply list recommends certain brushes. These are excellent quality and not very expensive. Both natural bristle and synthetic. But they are professional grade.
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    A sable can also be used to blend an oil painting.  I occasionally, wearing a tight-fitting Nitrile glove, use my thumb and index finger to blend at the early stages of an oil painting when building up values from dark to light and a very clean sable at the later stages after the canvas is covered.
  • Hi TyraD. Welcome to the forum. :)
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