Shadow Box.

Hi I've almost done building my shadow box to Mark Carder's specs.  I'm really excited to start painting with it.  Here's a picture.  What are some ideas of material to use for the main shelf where you can put stuff on.  Do you use material or something else?  Any help to get me started is appreciated.  Also what kind of fixture do you put in the light box?  Thanks in advance.


  • Sheldon

    Yes fabrics are good, particularly those with texture or sheen. Even better are aged and weathered timber shelves. Nicely figured, dark gloss shelving looks good with reflections. Stone and marble has possibilities. 

    Suggest you avoid patterned or striped fabric.


  • How big did you make the hole in the top for your light?  Looks good!

  • You know this thread is nearly 6 years old right?
  • Why/how do people resurrect these ancient treads? Do they go through thousands of threads going back six years in the hope of finding one that interests them? Are they bots?
  • But he asked 'How big did you make the hole in the top for your light' a direct question to someone who posted 6 years ago..
  • Hi @SheldonParry - Congrats on your shadow box. Have fun!

    Regarding the shelf materials: I use either fabric, or a round wooden table top. The table top I got for $25 at Home Depot in the US, and then stained and varnished it so its glossy and reflective. 

    Regarding the light for the box: I used a 90CRI bulb so it matches my studio light. However, I now have decided that this is unnecessary as it does not confuse me to have a different light for the object and the painting. I now await the storm of controversy :smile:

    PS - I personally prefer someone to add to an existing thread no matter how old, because this reduces the number of threads on identical topics. 
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    The resurrection of such ancient threads would (rightly IMHO) never have been allowed on DMP as it was at its best. David, the original moderator, was very strict about this and would have killed this without question. Those were the good ol' days on DMP. 

    Folks can watch Mark's videos on this stuff. The emphasis used to be (should still be) on what folks are doing now. We want to see and talk about your paintings and not the size of the hole in your lightbox.

    This sort of crap is most often brought up by people who have never done a painting, or who don't have the courage to post their paintings here, and who rarely, if ever, comment on the paintings of others who are brave enough to post their work.

    @Desertsky and @Suez, the original poster is long gone and will likely never see your responses.  Do people who resurrect this stuff not have something better to do? Like paint? And, maybe courageously,  post their paintings here for us to discuss?

    How big should the hole in the top of your light box be? Big enough to fit you light bulb through ... duh...   :/
  • @kgilstrap1  - Hi. regarding the size of the hole for your light:

    It should not be just big enough to fit your light bulb in, as this could create a very warm surface for the materials closest to the bulb, if the bulb is incandescent.

    I have a separate box, about 10x10x16 inches, in which I suspend the bulb. I place this box over the hole in the top of the shadow box. This allows me to adjust the height of the bulb in relation to the still life. 

    @tassieguy - Like you, I do not know how much or little Kgilstrap1 knows about Mr. Carder's still life/shadow box set up, or how advanced he or she is in painting. However, I have reached a different conclusion about responding to a simple question regarding studio set ups. There is actually an entire sub-forum about "Studio and Supplies" which Mr. Carder has created for these types of questions here on DMP. 

    Terming these types of questions "this sort of crap" from people who "don't have the courage to post their paintings" is not respectful, kind, helpful, nor necessary. 

    If there is forum guidance on adding to an old thread vs creating a new one, please direct us to it. 
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    @Desertsky, no,  I'm not doing this stuff.

    Paint. Post your work. Get feedback. Offer help to others. That's what DMP is about. Not the size of the hole in your light box. If @Klingstrap were still here, and really interested, he would have watched Mark's videos (one expressly about making a light box) and then got on with painting and he would be posting his work here for us to talk about with him.  That's why we are here.

    With the utmost respect, I ask, why are you here?
  • @tassieguy - with the utmost respect, I am here to learn and help others. Responding to a question about studio set up seems to be part of what Mr. Carder designed this website for. Lighting is certainly part of it. 

    Again, if there is forum guidance on adding to an old thread vs creating a new one, please direct us to it. 
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    @desertsky, Mark's video on lighting is free and available for all to watch. The size of people's light holes is not a subject that should be exercising our minds. It's a no-brainer. Again, with the utmost respect, if, as you say, you are here to learn and to help others, then the way to do that would be to start posting your work for critique, and to start commenting on the work of others who post in the hope that you will help them. It's that simple.  :)
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