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I have been checking the trend - absolutely unsure and clueless

I have been going through some of the Top online portals in India. The samples of the works that are considered as 'best selling' or 'highly priced' by the sites are above. These are highly patterned, extremely stylized, unrealistic and irritatingly colored (to me at least) artworks. I have to mention that these are absolutely
antithetical to pure realism or (even) pure abstract!

My question is - is the trend similar in the other corners of the world and if yes then what could an artist do business wise to retain the love of realism and succeed in this business (earn some money)?

1.png 597.7K
2.png 637.2K
3.png 513.1K


  • Kaustav

    Realism or representative painting is hard unless you have the help of a generous spirit like Mark.
    The modern art teaching for decades has been about abstraction and expressing feelings, No artist today  would devote the time to drawing, mixing and painting that realism demands. The expectation is that a product is produced in a timespan between one and five hours. Television artists reinforce this idea by producing intense,raw colored, formulaic images in an hour or less.

    It sells and makes money. My hero, mentioned previously on the Forum, Martina Shapiro, does a 16x20 nude in primary acrylics in an hour. She sells globally hundreds of them for $2,500 each. I greatly admire her marketing strategy. 


  • Thanks @dencal Actually I was a little disappointed in seeing what were being sold by the online art portals. It seems I have to produce something that is sellable and can be mass produced. I will retain the things that I love for me.
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  • Thank @davidwwilson and @tim_gier actually, I am in a little confused state of mind after seeing these paintings. I don't know who curates here but they associate some of the big names in this industry for promotion.

    Obviously I saw exceptionally original works than these in the galleries, but the problem is that I did not see too many items of the kinds of stuff that I love to paint. Big galleries demand huge amount of money to rent a wall or they sell only the paintings of the big names. Small galleries promote mass produced formula stuff - religious icons, spiritual text incorporated paintings, patterned landscapes (Bob Ross kind) and copies of the already accepted abstract styles. Sites are also similar. I thought sites would be a good way to earn some money out of it. But they only accept what is popular. Man! it's getting very confusing!
  • You draw and paint well. Your realism has a nice impressionism to it. I don't know about selling art where you are but I think Mark Carder's videos and blogs address this a few times. I think having your own website is probably a good Idea but you need a lot more works to show. Keep painting what you like because those will end looking better than painting the way you don't like. Good luck.
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    Keep doing what your doing, Kaustav. I've been watching you develop and think your landscapes are lovely.  Keep doing them. I wouldn't worry about the market. Just get as good as you can get. Then endeavour to show your work. The market may well come to you then.

  • Thanks @tassieguy and everyone for the encouragement! I was a little discouraged by everything but won't stop. That's for sure. Thanks everyone! 
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