Blending vs not Blending

Hi guys,
I just saw the Video "Reasons NOT to Blend while painting" and it really seemed like a good idea, since I admire those brush textrures and always ruin mine with overblending while blocking in values. 
The problem/Question I have is, that I don't have the time to spent too much time on paintings, so it takes many short (2-4 hours max.) sessions for me. That means, that once I blocked everything in, the parts I started with will be dry and I wont be able to blend them anymore. 
What do I do then, if i still want to blend some small areas after all the Values are blocked in? Is it smart so blend after each session, or is it better do use the blocks as an underpainting and paint over the parts where I want some blending to happen? What would be your advise?


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