What to do with all these paintings

About 10 years? ago I learned to paint following Mark's method.  I try to paint several days a week.  I don't sell my work but just love to paint.  I paint on canvas and boards.  I have a lot on my walls but stuff is piling up. So I decided to make books to hold my paintings.  I can paint as many paintings as I want and have a place to keep them without taking up room.  I'm trying to keep them around 8x10.  My favorite canvas to paint on is Centurion OP DLX.  I also use Oil Primed canvas but that tends to roll.  I printed my cover onto desktop inkjet canvas.
  I have a Leverage Punch using Circa 1-inch discs.  If you want to just have a record of your paintings you can print them up and keep them in one of these books too.  I also have some pictures of that.

Pictures 1 and 5 are originals.  The others are print outs of my paintings.
You could make these books for pastel work, watercolors, drawings or whatever.  I haven't posted for a while and I wanted to show you what I've been up to and encourage you to keep painting.
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