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What does it take to become a successful artist?

dencaldencal -
edited November 2016 in Off-Topic Discussion


Artists who are motivated by financial gain, social interactions, the compulsion to create, and personal freedom have all the right ingredients for success. But there is no tried and tested formula. Motivations only make up a small part of what it truly takes to make it. Other factors such as talent, skill, creativity, timeliness, and a little bit of luck are crucial too.




  • I have no idea but Mark had some thoughts on it:

  • Wow! Someone listed all of these. I don't disagree with any of these because I have seen that artists who have all of these behave differently than the rest and are more successful.

    It is the social thing where I am faltering. I don't have too many galleries here in Noida to socialise. All are in New Delhi. Lack of time is affecting the networking aspect. 
  • Kaustav

    It doesn't have to be a gallery to network and market your paintings.

    A stall at the market.
    Draw portraits in the town square.
    An exhibition in the park.
    Loan your work to the hospital or doctor's waiting room.
    Teach the local children art classes with your paintings on display for the parents to see.
    Demonstrate painting in the shopping center.
    Organize a monthly(?) auction of the local art community paintings for charity or to support the school.
    etc. etc.


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