Changing shadow values

Hello there! I'm working from a very large photo of a landscape I took. My printer can't print large enough images, so I ordered an enlargement online. I'm really happy with the photograph, but the shadows turned out darker than they looked on my monitor. I don't want to order another photograph. How can I lighten my shadows when I paint? Will doing so throw off all the other colors? In other words, will I ruin my realism by altering the shadow values?


  • lisapburt

    Welcome to the Forum.

    As a guide you can print smaller format, shadow sections of the image and adjust the image to your liking.

    Subtlty will be the keynote at painting stage in order to keep it real. Grey out the values with complementary hues rather than white.

    When photographing anything for painting it pays to take a bracket of three exposures, two stops under the auto setting and two stops over. This gives plenty of shadow detail and an image that doesn't blow out the lights.


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